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Rich Sadler

Rich Sadler - Business Success Radio

Rich Sadler is a provocative, straight talking and enthusiastic serial entrepreneur since the age of 15 – even bought his first real estate property as a teenager and his first car at 14!

Starting his adult career in the beverage industry Rich crafted new market development and key accounts, becoming a merchandising specialist and grew to not just the top salesperson but far exceeded the sales of any other staff member in the perspective companies.

He then went into the broadcast industry where he applied his unique self-taught knowledge into the medium becoming Jacksonville Florida’s first Co-Op Director and excelling in sales, all aspects of marketing and advertising, client relations and facilitating strategic alliance programs for the benefit of multiple clients simultaneously. Rich is also on the other side of the industry (behind the microphone) as well hosting the top ‘weekend expert’ show on the #1 News-Talk radio station in the US: ‘Business Success Radio’ live each and every week.

Rich entered the real estate investment world in 1993 and become enamored by what he believes he had truly been seeking for years and quickly rose to the top of the profession specializing in creative financing transactions. Having completed over 740 transactions to date Rich continues to assist clients and students daily with all aspects of real estate and marketing specializing in Owner Financing, Lease Purchase and Work-for-Equity programs.

Rich’s other major interest is in Health and Wellness (Retreat Center in the US Virgin Islands) where he and his partner routinely conduct workshops, seminars and exotic Health Retreats and coaching for people from all walks of life no matter their health condition.

Rich states: “My ultimate goal is to demonstrate to each & every one of our clients how he/she can retire on the island of their choice, swinging in a hammock, sipping a fashionable adult beverage and having their respectable entrepreneur-driven empire/machine run by itself! All we need to do is ignite that super, problem-solver, action taker that is innate inside us all and show you how to make money while you sleep!”