Baseball Night Promotion

by Richsadler
General_Motors richsadlerinternational
Rich arranged to buy every ticket in the stadium of the Jacksonville Sun’s baseball park. Then gave all the tickets away free to radio listeners and made ton of money for his radio station! How, you ask? He got all the General Motors dealers in the city to participate in...
a huge broadcast campaign where he mentioned two non-competing (geographically) dealers in each 60 second spot. In the ads they invited the listeners to stop by the automobile dealership’s service department and pick up their free tickets. No purchase was necessary but everyone was of course encouraged to get their car service by Mr. Goodwrench while there. •Also tied in various other local businesses to give away dozens & dozens of prizes during the game and of course run their own adjoining radio advertising campaigns. For instance; got a cellular phone company to give away 24 phones in an unique trivia game between innings, local hardware store gave away baseball bats upon entering the stadium, local hamburger joint gave away free burger & fries certificates in a surprise under-the-seat promotion, free bikes in a pitching game, etc, etc, etc. Later he brought in former Kansas City Royals baseball team executive turned Conservative talk show host and political pundit Rush Limbaugh to do some voice and sponsorship work. Revenue and community goodwill galore!

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