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Vincent Spano endorses Rich Sadler
Steve Black endorses Rich Sadler
Barry Schuster endorses Marketing Business Strategist Rich Sadler
Carl Weiss endorses Marketing Business Strategist Rich Sadler
Vincent Spano
Actor, Producer, Director
Steve Black
Business, Sales, Marketing & Social Media Consultant
Dr. Michele Fleming
Owner, Success Through Collaboration
Barry Schuster
Owner Universal Seating, Diamond member
Carl Weiss
Owner, W Squared Media

Details of What Just Some of Rich Sadler's Raving Fan Clients have to Say


Vincent Spano
Actor, Producer, Director


Steve Black
Business, Sales, Marketing & Social Media Consultant

“In all the years I’ve known him, I have always been impressed with Rich’s....

... leadership qualities and the ability he has to guide & teach others, whether through one-on-one training, or in a classroom context. He thinks outside the box and welcomes challenges because they give him a chance to think creatively. He inspires others to explore new approaches in bettering themselves & their lives. He makes sure he thoroughly researches all new arenas that he delves into so he can be an expert in related matters. His energy is contagious and his commitment to perfect health is so very admirable. One can only improve the quality of their life when interacting with Rich in any way.”
“Working closely with Brian Tracy International and Tom Hopkins, I’ve shared the podium....

... with some of top speakers and thought leaders this country has to offer, and Rich Sadler is right up there among them. He’s gregarious, captivating, engages the audience very well and shares his vast knowledge freely and in a manner that’s easily digested. And when it comes to marketing and business Strategies and systems Rich has few equals. THIS GUY KNOWS HIS STUFF! My recommendation: book or hire this guy, he knows his stuff and he delivers!”


Barry Schuster
Owner Universal Seating, Diamond member


Dr. Michele Fleming
Owner, STC Success Through Collaboration

“When your business success is on the line, you don’t want someone who is cheap...

- you want someone who is EFFECTIVE! Rich has a vast background of knowledge in marketing, positioning and getting a clear, concise message to clients that moves them to action. I have seen how his ideas and marketing programs have boosted response and client volume for many businesses. When you work with Rich you will not see the lowest fee- but you will see some of the highest results possible in increasing your business. In any area of improving your business- This guy is Great.” Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative”
“I met Rich Sadler through attending one of his business marketing workshop events...

,,, here in Jacksonville, FL about 6 months ago. He provided me with insight and help for my non-profit organization, Life Renewal Inc. On more than one occasion I have sought his advice and input on sales and marketing strategies. Rich has a keen eye, strong business sense and many leadership strengths as well. Rich provides businesses with his skills and marketing knowledge. He shares his experience and expertise in the business community and is a great asset to those he works with. Rich has innovative ways of approaching selling, advertising and ultimately helping you as a business owner be successful and lucrative. I would recommend Rich Sadler without reservation"


Carl Weiss
Owner, W Squared Media


Dennis Spicer
Owner, FIG Management

“When it comes to marketing, Rich is one of the most knowledgeable and creative people I have ever met...

... Plus, he never hesitates when it comes to sharing his almost limitless wealth of information, contacts and resources with those around him. We are looking forward to working with Rich for many years to come. He is a rare commodity when it comes to thinking out of the box in order to build your business. Hiring Rich is a MUST if you’re serious”
“I first worked with Rich over 20 years ago marketing real estate and since he has become a good friend and business colleague...

... Rich not only has a gift for public speaking and training but is one of the best professionals I have worked with in one on one situations. He really “practices what he preaches” with integrity and imagination in marketing and sales. He projects an enthusiasm and positive attitude to both client and colleague that makes working with him a great experience for all. I have seen him turn around various businesses and lead them to their next level with marketing and management tools he has perfected over the years. His resources alone are invaluable for creating websites to designing direct mail campaigns that are above average in their response rates and done within budgets that are affordable to new and established businesses alike.”


Tony Hicks
Owner, The Smile Factory


Katie Akers
Owner, IPA Accomplices

“If my 30 years of being in business has taught me anything it’s the need for...

... excellent actionable advice from people who know what they are taking about. Rich Sadler is one of the few really great business advisors that helps you cut through the smoke and mirrors for precision performance. I highly recommend his services to any business large or small. When progress is your goal, Rich is your “Go-To” guy!” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity”
“This first word that comes to mind when I consider Rich Sadler is absolutely genius...

... Rich is light years beyond any other Marketing and Business Analyst on the planet. Rich approaches marketing strategy in such a way that enables you to make the right marketing decisions and to avoid common pitfalls. In fact, I would venture to say that the very first step of developing my USP (Unique Selling Proposition) has been the catalyst for all my future successes for my company. Thanks Rich! Your the best, I appreciate you and wish you continued success in all of your endeavors.”


Allan Vargas
Creative Real Estate Investor, Mastermind member


Jamie Watts
Owner, Funeral Home Marketing Pros, Watts Funeral Home

“I have always appreciated Rich’s leadership character / style and the way he...

... thinks outside the box. Rich is a master of utilizing his vast background of understanding in marketing, positioning, business principles, and getting a clear message to your clients that moves them to take action. Rich is a professional who thrives in helping others achieve their goals. He will motivate you, prepares you and make sure you are successful in whatever you want out of life. Rich is one of my most valued and trusted colleagues that I have had the pleasure working with during this last year and I am looking forward to what the next years opportunities will bring for both of us. If you need another WINNER on your team I highly recommend Rich Sadler.” Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
“Hey Rich, I wanted to drop you a note and say thanks a lot buddy. Before I spoke to you...

... I really thought I was moving in the right direction with my company and my future plans. I had my new book half written and I was preparing to move forward with everything. Now because of your advice I have to rewrite my book and re-plan my company.
“I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on you because you did ask me certain probing questions and got me thinking in way I never thought possible. They say foresight is better than hindsight I’m defiantly glad we spoke you have helped me save years of headache in my company and avoid possibly setting it up in a way that would severely limited me in the future. Again thanks a lot buddy, you are a God-send!”


Wally Conway
LEED AP, Host Home & Garden Show WOKV AM690/106.5FM


Steve Thompson
Owner, Sand Dollar Drycleaner

“Rich Sadler is Business Success!

... And more importantly he has a passion to share what success is made of. From Business Success Radio, to his GKIC-N FL Chapter leadership role, to private client consultation, Rich has helped me to make my business grow in a market that is shrinking! Thank you Rich, you’re the best!”
“Rich has provided superb guidance...

... for marketing our company and developing strategies for our continued growth and profitability. His advice has been critical in our firm’s growth during difficult economic times.”


Joseph Catalano
Owner, Fantom Foodies


Tom DeMaio
Owner and Chief Marketer, TJD Marketing

“Rich is one of those guys that just gets it and gets it done!

... He can help you arrive where you want to be in less time, with less angst and more profit! Business is business and if you want a no nonsense type of businessman that can demystify marketing and sales for you, while creating a road map for profitability, then I cannot recommend Rich enough!”
“Rich as the leader of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle-Jax.

... has done an excellent job attracting and helping retain a growing group of entrepreneurs. The monthly meetings are loaded with content, and heavily participated in by the members. Thanks to Rich’s leadership GKIC JAX is fast becoming the best marketing training group in Jacksonville”


Carolle Vargas
Owner, Your Etiquette Style


Steve Michals
Owner, Michals’ Exterior Cleaning & Roof-Sealant Specialist

“How do I choose only 3 attributes! Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative. When I first met Rich,,,

.... his enthusiasm, passion and drive to see business owners succeed were apparent. In his results oriented, direct approach to business, Rich provides the tools, expertise and inspiration for his clients to thrive and make a difference in their business and lives. A successful real estate investor and accomplished speaker and trainer, Rich’s true calling is coaching and consulting in the areas of Marketing and Business Strategies. Rich’s style is direct, honest and with a servant’s heart. I recommend him often and he is a guy I want to keep in my corner.”
“If you’re interested in marketing, Rich is the GURU! I have known Rich for about a year and a half and...

... he’s my Go-To guy for questions about sales, marketing, business and just life in general. I am a member of his mastermind group and it is truly one of a kind. He’ll get you motivated and whipped into a frenzie! And I’m thrilled that he is the new Chapter Director for the Jacksonville Glazer-Kennedy Insiders Circle! If you want real results, proven marketing strategies (that actually produce ROI !!!) then I encourage you to check out his monthly marketing meetings at the Embassy Suites Baymeadows every third Tuesday of the month. You won’t be disappointed! And thank you Rich”


Gregg Lassley
Account Executive, First Data Corporation


Freddy Kias
Owner/Operator, Video Production & Editing Specialist

“Rich is a sought after marketing expert, having...

... consulted with hundreds of companies across the US. He has developed extensive online and offline marketing that are used by business owners and entrepreneurs across the country. His clients love working with him because he gets results!”
“Rich is a detail oriented and highly smart...

...Business professional advisor guru and great friend. Rich and I we working together at dozen of different projects. He brings lot of new Marketing ideas to bring our business to different level. I recommend Rich to all my Business clients. Thank you Rich your are the Rock” (Note: German decent – verbiage unedited)


Robert A Dunbar III
Founder, “Build Your Net” Networking, Legal Shield


Dean Gilliland
Commercial Business Broker

“We have met with Rich on several occasions to build our membership base...

... and branding of our networking company (“Build Your Net” Networking). Rich is very generous with his ideas and knowledge and I would suggest that any business owner looking to increase their bottom line to call on his services. YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED! “Build Your Net” Networking is proud to be affiliated with the “Insider’s Circle because of Rich Sadler’s stellar ‘ LEADERSHIP!”
“Rich Sadler is a highly intelligent, strong teacher of marketing strategies...

... and business principles. His insight in working with the insiders circle has provided me with several benefits. Rich has an outward focus in helping other people reach their goals. With the Insiders Circle, I have gained more Marketing knowledge than in college marketing classes,”


Don McLeish
Owner, Papa Murphy’s Pizza


Ralph Lewis
Marketing, Okeechobee Steak House, Owner, ‘Paver-Guy

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Rich Sadler for some time now and have found him to be...

... a warm, confident person and a man who focuses on accomplishing the tasks at hand, delivers on promises and when the situation calls for it, exercises great patience and transitions easily to problem solver. Reading his bio is like reading a who’s who list of celebrities. He has worked with many top people in his profession, has learned all their techniques and secrets, and openly shares them with everyone interested in bettering themselves.
Also, having met and worked with Rich’s children, I’ve also found them to be delightful, well adjusted outstanding citizen with obvious competent parental guidance and accomplished each in their own way.
As a business consultant, Rich really knows his stuff. He has been able to offer insight and suggestions in every situation I have seen him in. And the many business owners who he has worked with rave about what he has done for their business, whether they are a small start-up company or the owner of a deca-million dollar company. He offers free advice and training to anyone who calls in to his radio show, and heads up a local chapter of the Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle where the monthly meetings are always filled with information and new insights on how to market businesses. He has encouraged me to step out and start a business of my own, something I’ve wanted to do for decades now but have not had the courage to do so. With his encouragement, I am finally making that bold step that will lead to a life of financial freedom, Thank you Rich!”
“Rich is a take Action guy!

... He is creative with his marketing strategies and produces startling results.”


Jane Russell
Owner, RH Home Staging

““Rich is very generous with great recommendations

... for business marketing. As a new business owner, I appreciate what he does for the members of Jacksonville Business Builders, both at meetings and in more casual settings.”
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