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NFL field subway tuna sub Rich Sadler half time Exhibition game

NFL Exhibition Game Punt, Pass and Kick Competition

Wrapped a huge joint venture promotion with various local and regional businesses in support of inner-city children.

The promotions surrounded a Punt, Pass & Kick competition that Rich arranged to be held as half-time festivities during NFL exhibition games.

Not only did this become hugely profitable for his radio station (and other mediums like newspaper, TV, local mags, etc that he enjoined later to expand the exposure) but it became one of the most popular and anticipated promotions in the city.

Side-note: Loads of awesome stories about those cool kids to tell here… make you shed a tear or two…
western union Rich Sadler Coop Manager

Wired with Western Union!

Massive Co-Op Advertising campaign (became annual) with nearly every single Western Union location in the designated ADI - “Audience Of Dominant Influence” (only one dissented – a shady bail bondman whom Rich didn’t want anyway), whereby Western Union corporate paid 75% of the cost of the ad campaigns and provided TONS of giveaways.

In fact those bulk Western Union promotional items were still around the radio stations years after Rich moved on…

Enormous profits for the station and tons of goodwill with new clients that normally would not be able to participate in the broadcast medium.
Cargill Corp Rich Sadler radio campaigns

Pro-Energy Dog Food

The multi-billion dollar Cargill Corporation was going into the pet food business with, as it turned out, a very superior product. Rich discovered the dog food was so good that it absorbed into the pooch’s system better than the average dog food – i.e. better assimilation.

So, he contacted Cargill; devised and executed a huge promotion resulting in a very unique ad and marketing angle. Took a knock off of the old Wendy’s hamburger commercial “where’s the beef?” and went with “where’s the stool?”

Rich had the majority of on-air radio talent touting “where’s the stool” and gave away dog food samples at every future event and remote broadcast for a year. This turned out to be the #1 largest impact campaign at Cargill Corporation for that year!
NewspaperBoy_extra Rich Sadler International

Extra-Extra Read All About it!

Orchestrated and executed the concept for promoting the change in a radio station’s core on-air format and huge rise in the Arbitron ratings battle by developing, writing, printing and distributing a turn-of-the-century style newspaper.

Rich then hired a small army of small children (ages 3 ½ to 11 – child-labor laws be damned - wink!) to dress in 1899 newspaper-boy knickers-type costumes complete with shoulder bags and applejack caps. Hired drivers to convoy our little “Newsies” for a one day blitz to all the region’s advertising agencies and most major clients in the city shouting out: “Extra, Extra read all about it, radio station has meteoric rise to the top of the ratings!”

This one was so big they even got coverage in competing mediums! Needless to say everyone in business and in advertising in the State of Florida (and elsewhere) knew of the station’s format adjustments and massive achievements in the ratings! Competitors followed suit soon after!
beer ball coors lite rich sadler

Endless Free Beer = Balls

Due to his extensive background in the beverage industry Rich was able to nurture the local Coors (and several other brands – many imports) distributor (and their advertising agency out of Chicago) to run huge on-air schedules and participate in a massive amount of promotions including providing Beer Balls (portable 5 gallon ‘kegs’) nearly every time he requested.

In yet another creative concept Rich, along with his good friend Roger Maris Jr. (yes, that Roger Maris – the legendary baseball player=his father=owned the central Florida Budweiser distributorship in Gainesville) developed and had built a refrigerated truck filled with stationary kegs with taps sticking out of the sides. Simply pull up to a would-be party and Wham! – Instant merrymaking … heaps of revenue and oodles or goodwill.
Thanxgiving' RW Sadler

Free Thanksgiving Promotion

Rich initiated this years ago and to our knowledge it still continues to this day: in conjunction with the largest grocery store chain in Florida and one of the nation's most successful furniture stores, we gave away Free Thanksgiving – literally! Full Dinner including huge turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, bread, cold drinks, all the fixin’s, decorations and of course a high caliber dinning room set up including long dining table (sitting for 12), high-back chairs and a huge high-end china cabinet. Resulted in long term arrangements for each client involved year after year...
Mr Goodwrcnh rich sadler promotions

Baseball Night Promotion

Rich arranged to buy every ticket in the stadium of the Jacksonville Sun’s baseball park. Then gave all the tickets away free to radio listeners and made ton of money for his radio station! How, you ask? He got all the General Motors dealers in the city to participate in a huge broadcast campaign where he mentioned two non-competing (geographically) dealers in each 60 second spot. In the ads they invited the listeners to stop by the automobile dealership’s service department and pick up their free tickets. No purchase was necessary but everyone was of course encouraged to get their car service by Mr. Goodwrench while there.

•Also tied in various other local businesses to give away dozens & dozens of prizes during the game and of course run their own adjoining radio advertising campaigns. For instance; got a cellular phone company to give away 24 phones in an unique trivia game between innings, local hardware store gave away baseball bats upon entering the stadium, local hamburger joint gave away free burger & fries certificates in a surprise under-the-seat promotion, free bikes in a pitching game, etc, etc, etc.

Later Rich brought in former Kansas City Royals baseball team executive turned Conservative talk show host and political pundit Rush Limbaugh to do some voice and sponsorship work. Revenue and community goodwill galore!
200px-Nissan_Logo Marketing & Business Strategist

Stanza Extravaganza

Rich was contacted by one of his major advertising agency clients to come up with a regional campaign and promotion for Nissan’s newest car line the ‘Stanza.’

So he created a multi-media “Stanza Extravaganza” campaign blitz complete with tons of back-to-back promotions from the dealerships with prizes and giveaways galore.

This one went national very quickly - you may remember the balloons-drop, party atmosphere TV ads, right? They played for years and the concept (which Nissan failed to trademark) was used for several other cars as well, namely Toyota.
subway tuna sub Rich Sadler International

Subway – ‘Terry & Tuna’ Sub

Pursuaded the entire North Florida Subway franchise group to change the name of their Tuna Sub Sandwich to the “Terry & Tuna Sub” - named after Rich’ radio station’s morning-drive DJ crew. He also had them run a 26-week radio, TV and newspaper Subway campaign promoting the new sandwich. Since the daily newspaper in Jacksonville; The Florida Times Union was also one of Rich’s’ clients, he was instrumental in generating even more business on both ends!
Florida Gators Jacksonville Jaguars Rich Sadler

NFL & National Champs FL Gators Flagship Station Status

Rich was one of the key members of the team that attained appointment for the flagship radio station for the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL franchise.

Rich went on to act as one of the key contacts with the Jaguars coaches, players and operational staff for various promotions and talent bookings. Also in working closely (and station liaison) with the Jacksonville Mayor’s office and the Tourism & Development Department and Board.

Rich and a hand-picked team were able to secure the position as the flagship radio station for the University of Florida Gators.

That’s right, they actually snatched that designation out of the hands of the University of Florida’s own station and Rich’s station was 50 miles away from the Gator’s stadium ‘The Swamp’! Talk about a feather in the cap – big-time!
tiki bar pool rich sadler caribbean marketing

Summer Party Giveaway with a Waterfront Caribbean Bar

Rich tied in seven various businesses for an exciting Spring & Summerlong promotion for a very popular local waterfront nightclub whereby he gave away a full summer package.

Including a 5,000 gallon pool, lawn furniture, high-end Bar-B-Q grill, weekend food for 9 weeks, bathing suits, landscaping service and equipment, etc.

Needless to say there were not many people in the Jacksonville market young and old alike whom did not know about this Summer Party giveaway. Huge exposure and income increases for the companies involved and fantastic joint venture for everyone!
speciality advertising rich sadler international

Specialty Advertising Business

Rich has also owned and operated a Promotional & Specialty Advertising business part-time selling and providing imprinted Everything And Anything; pens, caps, t-shirts, mugs, sunglasses, and so on.

This experience comes in handy with the various promotional ties-ins Rich develops and executes.

Tons of Charity Work

Including ties-in with the North Florida Film Festival, Florida Theatre, Alhambra Dinner Theatre, Hippodrome Theatre, Children’s Theatre, regional museums, etc. etc. Also co-conducted the Annual Rubber-Ducky race – area residence invest in a small numbered rubber duck, drop it into the fast current of the St Johns River from the downtown Main Street bridge on the day of the race and the first duck to cross the line wins a brand new car, etc.
In his Broadcast Days
Rich Sadler BROADCASTER on Radio WOKV
Rich started in the broadcast industry in 1987 at a tiny little radio station just outside of Gainesville Florida. With no formal training and none offered from his new employer, Rich began reading everything he could get his hands on about his new vocation: broadcast. He taught himself the world of Co-Operative Advertising and fast became proficient in this niche dominating the field and even becoming Florida’s very first Co-Op Director. Rich has worked closely over the years with the United States and Canada’s most active companies and their co-op departments as well as the top advertising agencies in the country. Consequently Rich has developed and implemented so many successful co-op marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns that its a challenge to place just a sampling on these sheets.
Rich also host Business Success Radio (“Where Sharp Entrepreneurs Get Thier Edge”) on the nation’s highest ranked New-Talk radio station; WOKV AM690 & 106.5 FM in North Florida.

Some of his other broadcast-oriented activities include being the chief point-person for the Jacksonville Florida’s Tourism and Development Department, orchestrating and acted as station liaison and one of the event coordinators for the Rush-To-Excellence Tour (the national tour for international radio personality Rush Limbaugh) attended by over 12,000 people from all over North Florida. Additionally he filled the role of the media contact and spokesperson in subsequent years.
Plus Rich Sadler has worked closely and shared a podium with a variety of well-known broadcast, marketing, entertainment and political personalities such as:
  • Burt Reynolds (worked together on the North Florida Film Festival)
  • Rush Limbaugh (worked together on numerous projects)
  • Dick Clarke and Rick Dees (top-40 guys)
  • Actress Vanessa Redgrave (Rich’s daughter played her in the movie Orpheus Descending)
  • Actor and Director Vincent Spano
  • Actor William (Billy) McNamara
  • Hollywood producer Aaron Russo
  • Chet Holmes (Rich was his President of Business Resource Center)
  • Billionaire Bill Bartmann (Billionaire Business Systems and Bail-Out Riches programs)
  • Dr. Joy Browne, Dr. Dean Edell, Paul Harvey, Neal Bortz, Jerry Baker
  • Florida Governor Lawton Chiles and Bob Graham
  • Congressman Marc Little, Congressman Rosco Bartlett
  • Congressman Ron Paul, Congressman Bob Barr
  • Jacksonville Mayor Tommy Hazouri and Mayor John Payton
  • Representative Charles Key
  • Much of the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars roster, players, coaches and staff
PLUS: Nightingale-Conant’s Fredric Lehrman, author Bill Still, author and personal development guru Mark Victor Hansen, Executive director Larry Pratt, real estate guru Ron Legrand, Dr. Len Horowitz, Roger Maris Jr., Internationally-known master marketer Dan Kennedy, legendary business guru Michael Gerber, Dr. Robert Morse, attorney and activist Larry Klayman, Dr. Lorainne Day, GKIC CEO Bill Glazer, author Mark Lane, real estate expert Lou Brown, health guru David Wolfe, Dr. Doug Graham, Internationally-known internet marketer Vic Johnson, author and speaker Perry Marshall, Jacksonville Jaguars’ Mackey Weaver, Dr. Tim O'Shea, and many, many more.
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