Extra-Extra Read All About it!

by Richsadler
Orchestrated and executed the concept for promoting the change in a radio station’s core on-air format and huge rise in the Arbitron ratings battle by developing, writing, printing and...
and distributing a turn-of-the-century style newspaper. Rich then hired a small army of small children (ages 3 ½ to 11 – child-labor laws be damned - wink!) to dress in 1899 newspaper-boy knickers-type costumes complete with shoulder bags and applejack caps. Hired drivers to convoy our little “Newsies” for a one day blitz to all the region’s advertising agencies and most major clients in the city shouting out: “Extra, Extra read all about it, radio station has meteoric rise to the top of the ratings!” This one was so big we even got coverage in competing mediums! Needless to say everyone in business and in advertising in the State of Florida (and elsewhere) knew of the station’s format adjustments and massive achievements in the ratings! Competitors followed suit soon after!

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