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Michael's Introduction of Rich's Radio-show:
Welcome to the Mentor Market Visit page
On this comprehensive page you will find all the tools, resources, software, programs and more we use to design, construct and implement your business structure. These processes ensure we formulate the most effective and efficient business fully ready to drive traffic, conversions and of course profits.
NOTE: the Mentor Market Visit is more fully defined towards the bottom of this page
Imperative Tools For Your Business
Operating a successful business of course requires time and effort yet so much more. Most entrepreneurs realize you can’t do it all on your own... You need a variety of different and comprehensive tools to help you succeed. Whether those tools are actual products or simply core concepts that you can use to strengthen your business, it’s vital to have the best business tools at your disposal. Here they are in one place:
Outline for Your Business Plan
A proper and well-thought-out business plan is the essential roadmap for business success. This living document generally projects 3 to 5 years in the future and outlines the most effective route a company intends to take to grow revenues, scale and, presumably, allow the owner passive future income.
Build a Business Not a Job
Many business owners get trapped inside the very businesses they work so hard to build. If hey don't show each day, or something happens to them and their business dies. In this step-by-step guide, you get concrete road maps needed to build a business you can sell, scale, or own passively and sell for a profit.
Need to design and implement Position Contracts for each role specifying:

1) the results to be achieved
2) the standards by which results will be measured
3) to whom each role will report to.

Each Position Contract will then be signed by the person filling that role and the person s/he reports to.
By doing this the business development process is forcing a blueprint to be created for Your Business to grow around. The Owner or others may fill multiple positions initially, but as other employees / staff are added, clear lines of responsibly and accountability can be maintained.

In addition the organizational chart above provides a framework around which written policy and procedure manuals, employees handbooks, training guidebooks and other materials can be developed Codes and systems can be organized around this as well.

Finally this guarantees accountability due to the system in place not necessary specially people in place.

Therefore as employees or others come and go it will not have as much of an impact because Your Business will rely on the system rather than being people-dependant.
Just Some of the Templates We Use to Create Your Business Structure:
Bonus Powerpoint Presenation #1
No doubt Recruiting and Hiring is one of the Most Important Skills any Entrepreneur can possess. So why is such a weak area? This guide solves this dilemma once and for all, while expanding business development with ease!
Bonus PowerPoint Presentation #2
This guide summarizes the principles taught and implemented and proves to re-focus the business owner on the importance of developing systems to get organized and structure a successful business.

Seven Musts of Management Focus

Bring clarity, order & structure to your business using our proven model...

The Mentor Market Visit - defined

Certified Business & Marketing Strategist Rich Sadler or one of his Top Team Members will make a personal visit to YOUR MARKET (home / headquarter city) to help you do each and every step needed to structure the foundation for a successful and scalable business.
And best of all you will DO the step-by-step ON-PAPER work necessary to get your business structure DONE once and for all. This is a Pro-Active visit in Your Own Market. +++ You will Learn and EXECUTE:
  • How to escape the Self-Employment Trap.
  • The 4 building blocks of all scalable businesses.
  • 15 cash management secrets to guard your businesses cash flow.
  • 12 power techniques to rapidly increase your sales.
  • 35 business controls you will need to successfully scale your company.
  • A 30-question audit to determine exactly where to focus.
  • 6 time mastery strategies to free up a full day each week to build your business.
  • And more (specifically tailored to your business needs)!
Working business meeting discussion
Book Your Own Rich Sadler Mentor Market Visit
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* Client (that's You) also covers cost of flight, hotel, lunch dinner each night while in market as well as any hard-costs associated with implementing all needed systems
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