Nevertheless, the left-wing politician also warns of harm to democracy.

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Nevertheless, the left-wing politician also warns of harm to democracy.

However, this cannot be said for everyone – the perception of such a situation is very subjective.

The “Diamond Princess” is quarantined in Yokohama, Japan, around 3,600 passengers and crew members are not allowed to leave her. The Sars-CoV-2 virus was detected in more than 210 passengers by Thursday morning. How many there are actually is unknown. The quarantine is valid until at least February 19. People with proven infection are taken to clinics.

Longer isolation can cause serious damage

Many passengers have to stay in inside cabins without windows or balconies. This deprivation of sensory stimuli and contacts can be extremely stressful, said Stoeck. Experts speak of deprivation. Research has shown that such isolation can lead to serious damage over a long period of time, in extreme cases even death.

With the people on the “Diamond Princess” there is another great uncertainty. “How threatening is the overall situation? Am I sick too?” These are questions that passengers and crew members are likely to ask, said the psychologist. Likewise, whether your own life is in danger. In addition, questions about the return journey, possibly necessary flight changes and the resulting financial worries would probably concern the people.

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On-site psychologists could now primarily help with discussions. It is important to ensure transparency and to explain how dangerous the situation actually is. For acute problems such as panic attacks due to claustrophobia, solutions could be worked out together. Among other things, breathing exercises and distraction strategies could help people.

Sources used: dpa news agency

The corona virus continues to spread in Italy. Now the famous Venice Carnival is being canceled out of concern about further infections. 

The famous Venice Carnival is to be canceled out of concern about the spread of the corona virus in northern Italy. The President of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, announced on Sunday.

“We have to adapt to drastic measures,” Zaia told reporters in the Veneto region. This includes the cancellation of the Venetian Carnival “and even more”. The carnival celebrations, which actually run until Tuesday, initially continued on Sunday.

Carnivalists in Venice: There is no more Carnival 2020 for enthusiastic Italians. (Source: Bettina Strenske / imago images)

The city’s mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, said the decision rests with the regional president and the special crisis unit. When asked if Sunday was the last day of Carnival, he said, “Yes, it’s not up to me to say that. It’s likely.”

According to the head of government of the northeast region, the number of people infected with the Sars-CoV-2 virus has risen to kill a mockingbird outline for essay Among them are now two elderly people who are in the hospital in the lagoon city of Venice. Overall, the number of confirmed cases of infection in Italy was already more than 100 on Sunday.

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The festivals and parades of the Venice Carnival, which actually take place until Tuesday, are among the largest and most famous events in the world of fooling around.

Sources used: dpa news agency

The numbers are increasing in China – and the coronavirus is also spreading in the rest of the world. Now there is the first death in Europe. 

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For the first time, a person suffering from the corona virus died in Europe. The French health minister Agnès Buzyn announced that the Chinese tourist had succumbed to the disease in a Paris clinic. The man was therefore an 80-year-old from the hard-hit central Chinese province of Hubei, which is also located in Wuhan. 

According to the newspaper “Le Figaro”, the tourist and his daughter have been hospitalized since the end of January. Buzyn said he was in critical condition for several days. The daughter is also infected with the virus. Her condition is good, said the health minister, and indicated that she could leave the hospital soon. 

Virus has also reached Africa

In the past few weeks, people have been reported to have been infected with the new corona virus in several European countries, including Germany. So far, however, no one had died, and in some patients the disease had almost no symptoms. France has so far registered eleven cases of the novel virus.

Outside of mainland China, three deaths were previously reported in Hong Kong, Japan and the Philippines. According to the authorities, at least 1,519 people died in mainland China from the pathogen causing the lung disease Covid-19, and more than 66,000 people were infected.

Over two dozen countries have now reported further cases, most recently Egypt. The virus has now also reached Africa.

Germany tightened security precautions

In Germany, higher security precautions now apply at airports. Before landing in Frankfurt and Munich, passengers from China will now be asked more precisely about possible contact with the new corona virus. Only at these two airports there are currently direct flights from China.

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Pilots have already had to report it to the tower when passengers are obviously ill. The self-assessment is intended to give the on-board personnel further decision-making aid. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn said: “This is a method appropriate to the situation to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Germany and Europe.” The additional procedure was agreed among the EU heads of ministries. 

Sources used: AFP news agencies, dpa, Reuters “Le Figaro”: Coronavirus: un patient atteint du Covid-19 est mort en France

An employee of a management consultancy in Düsseldorf is recognized by the corona virus. His colleagues are asked to stay at home.

Düsseldorf has its first confirmed corona case. Several media reports unanimously. Accordingly, the management consultancy is serious Young confirms that one of her employees in the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital has contracted the corona virus. He had contact in the Heinsberg area, where the virus was detected.

As the “Westdeutsche Zeitung” reports, the company calls on its employees to “stay at home until further notice”. The person suffering from Covid-19 should therefore not have had any contact with customers. But he was last in the office of the management consultancy in Essen-Rüttenscheid, reports “Radio Essen”. That is why the office there is also affected by the closure.

The company initially did not provide any information on the transmission route. The operation is ensured by the possibility of home office.

Coronavirus is not considered an excuse in court

A 29-year-old defendant did not appear for his trial at the Düsseldorf Regional Court on Friday. His excuse: He is under quarantine as a suspected coronavirus case and is not allowed to leave the house.

When asked by the public prosecutor, the Düsseldorf health department contradicted the man’s reasoning. The district court rejected the defendant’s appeal, confirmed a judge from the German press agency. In addition, he now has to pay a fine of 1,200 euros for fraud.

Heinrich Heine University takes action

Employees at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf can also do their work from home. Rector Anja Steinbeck wrote in a circular email that colleagues from science and administration who had serious concerns or who were in risk areas do not need to come to the office. In these cases flexible solutions should be found.

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The university has about 4,000 employees and 37,000 students. The university is currently less busy, as there is still no lecture period until the beginning of April.

Sources used: “Westdeutsche Zeitung”: “Live blog on the coronavirus” (paid content) “RP Online”: “Employees of Düsseldorf management consultancy also infected” “Radio Essen”: “Coronavirus: Ernst and Young in Essen sends employees home” With Material from the dpa news agency; own research; show more sources; show less sources

For a long time only long-distance travelers brought the West Nile virus to Europe, but the pathogen has now made the leap to southern Europe. Now it has also arrived in Germany – in birds.

This year West Nile fever made or killed a particularly large number of people in Europe. According to the EU health authority ECDC, there were over 1,460 reported infections in the EU member states by the end of October. At least 170 people died from the virus across Europe, most of them in the south of the continent.

For comparison: in the entire previous year there were only a good 200 reported infections in the EU. At that time, the authority counted 25 deaths in all European countries. From the years before, none stands out as much as 2018. The number of unreported cases is likely to be even higher in all years, as the virus often causes no or only mild symptoms.

Most of those infected do not notice the infection

There were particularly many deaths in Europe in 2018 in Italy (44), Greece (42), Romania (42) and Serbia (35). Deaths from infections are rare. Around 80 percent of those infected have no symptoms, around 20 percent develop a feverish, flu-like illness.

Only about every 150th person – usually older patients with previous illnesses – becomes seriously ill with a high fever and meningitis. Cold weather is now helping towards the end of the year that the pathogens transmitted primarily by mosquitoes decline.

Without mosquitoes, the risk of infection decreases

In Germany, the virus was only detected in people returning to travel, with the exception of a veterinarian in Bavaria. This infected himself while examining a bird. A spokeswoman for the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) said that mosquitoes have not yet reported any infection in Germany. In cold weather and without mosquitoes, the already low risk of infection is now even lower. “It cannot be ruled out, but it is very unlikely,” she said.

This year, however, the virus was detected for the first time in birds and horses in Germany. Twelve cases in birds and two in horses have so far been found, said a spokeswoman for the responsible Friedrich Loeffler Institute. With six animal infections, the most registered cases have so far been in Saxony-Anhalt. However, there have been no new West Nile virus findings in Germany since mid-October.

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The virus is spreading worldwide

The West Nile virus has spread rapidly across almost all continents since it was first detected. It was first detected in 1937 in the West Nile region in Uganda, and later in other countries in Africa and Asia. In the 1990s it made the leap across the Atlantic. In the summer of 2002, the USA experienced its first major epidemic with over 4,000 sick people and 250 deaths.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Gregor Gysi welcomes the Corona aid package that was decided in the Bundestag. Nevertheless, the left-wing politician also warns of harm to democracy. He describes the plenary session as “ghostly”.

The former parliamentary group leader of the Left Party in the Bundestag, Gregor Gysi, welcomed the decision on the supplementary budget to finance the aid packages in the Corona crisis. “The federal government has definitely become active, and that can be appreciated,” said Gysi in an interview with “The federal government’s package of measures was a first step in the right direction. That is why the Left Group has mostly agreed. “

In the supplementary budget, new debts of 156 billion euros are planned. This is to finance the historic Corona aid package. “The pace is new, as fast as laws are now being discussed and passed, that has never happened before. We must, however, prevent groups of people from being forgotten,” says Gysi, and at the same time warns of an abuse of democracy: “We have to be careful that the corona crisis is not misused to dismantle democracy. You can always do things differently temporarily, but it really only has to be temporary. “

“Of course a new situation”

The corona crisis is also changing the work of politicians in the Bundestag, the members of parliament kept two seats apart at the plenary session. “There was something eerie about the plenary session in the Bundestag today. These many empty seats with slips of paper on them are of course a new situation,” said Gysi Nonetheless, he believes that quick political decisions are important in the current situation. “The task of politics is to give people quick and unbureaucratic help. Of course, there are always people who cheat, but they always exist and now the majority has to be helped first.” / P

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