What Do Your Marketing Services Cost?

Great Question – lets first establish one unequivocal FACT We MAKE Our CLIENTS MONEY yet we also SAVE them Money as well.

Now that is out of the way, lets dig a little deeper, shall we?

As to the cost: to be quite candid, there is NO COST..!

Zip, Zilch, Goose egg, Natta. Yes there is a business investment upfront (and monthly to keep everything current, fresh and relevant) yet because my strategies Draw Bookings, Conversions and Cash into the coffers - in the final analysis; the cost is quite literally ZERO.

That being said, there's really no way to answer the question directly. Certainly not trying to be aloof - but its analogous to asking "How much is a meal?" or "How much is a car?" Answer is = it depends.

Are you cool with Taco Bell or would you prefer Ruth's Chris? Or perhaps somewhere in between... Will you be proud driving a Ford Fiesta or is a Lexus more your style? Or perhaps a very peppy and stylish Chevy will work out just fine.

As you likely know already, in the world of Marketing you get what you pay for. And of course properly designed reputation, branding, speed of ranking, etc. also are also vital considerations.

Is it acceptable to take 2 to 3 years to become truly established and seriously profitable or does the situation necessitate being solid and knocking it outta the park in 4 to 6 months?

Openly, I will tell you this, I am not the cheapest. In fact most, if not all of my client would agreed... (See Mr. Barry Schuster's comments here) yet each and every one of them would tell you the same thing: I and my team are WORTH EVERY DIME INVESTED!

Regarding the topic of investment, probably the best way to get a better/closer handle on things is to let me know a Marketing budget you have in mind. That would be initially (to get everything started and up/live), intermittently (adding necessary additional or ancillary enhancements for phase two (any so-called 'marketing expert' who denies this stage is needed is lying or an idiot, neither properly serving the client) and monthly (a MUST - especially with SEO) to maintain ranking and competitive.

Once I know what you have in mind, I can craft a custom-tailored Marketing Recommendation sheet... no charge!

Let's also have you to complete our Business Questionnaire (click here for Business Questionnaire) which will allow me to get a good handle on where you are, available resources and where you want to go. Plus our clients report back that just by virtue of completing this form, they get true clarity of this business and its needed structure / flow.

May be something you want to get your partner, spouse or even employees to participate in helping with as well. Your call of course. Click here to download your Business Questionnaire now.

Take care, Rich Sadler Marketing Strategist

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